Survival Hacks For Life To Reduce Your Daily Struggle

Survival Hacks For Life To Reduce Your Daily Struggle

In our daily life, we struggle a lot for various small tasks. In the modern and digitised world, the life has become simple. We can do multiple tasks in one go without any hassle. The life has become easier in all ways-be it cooking, washing, travelling, working and so on. The major tasks are done hassle-free. However, there are some small tasks which you often ignore but they play a major role in life. The modernisation, not all time works well, the flaws in recent techniques are more if compared to the ancient one. Moreover, you may not be ready with the specific equipment every time. Hence, to stop the daily struggle of those pity tasks, we have come up with some hacks so that your life becomes easier.

Candle Light:

If there is a power cut, in your house and you have no electricity back up, this life survival hack would work for you. You can take any empty soft drink can or any other aluminium can to make a candle. You need to just need to cut off one side of the can to take out the aluminium sheet from one end and place a lit candle inside the can. By this, the candle will not blow off with the air and the aluminium will intensify the heat giving more light.

Water Purifier:

If you are travelling or your water purifier isn’t working well. You can filter the water naturally. Put the glass of water and the empty glass side by side. Take a piece of cotton cloth, roll it and dip both ends in respective glasses. The cloth will purify the water but remember it cannot remove microbes. Hence, the cloth will redirect the clean water to the empty glass.

Needle Compass:

If you are in a mid-way and could not find the appropriate direction, you can make use of the natural compass. Your phone battery may be dead and if you do not have the compass, this survival hack would be a life saviour for you. Take a needle and rub the same against your cloth, put the needle on any leaf and keep that in any floating water (it can be a bowl of water too). You will get the direction.

Mosquito Repellant:

The mosquito bites are depressing and also cause irritation. Thus, to get rid of the same, you can either take basil leaves or a sprig of rosemary. Burn the same and keep the mosquitoes away.

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