Survival Hacks By Using A Soda Can

Survival Hacks By Using A Soda Can


Have you ever thought that a soda can would be beneficial for your survival? Yes! It can be. This easily available item is not just for ‘use and through’. You can throw it after using it multiple times for your various purposes. This small piece of junk usually contains cold drinks, soda, etc. You may be squeezing it after consuming the liquid inside it. But now you may give a second thought before squeezing it. Because we are here to tell you some amazing survival hacks by using soda cans. Hope this helps. (Also Read: How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle)

A lamp or candle hanger:
Soda cans are round and great to hold anything by hanging. So, you can make a candle holder out of it. It gives a classy look to your walls too. You just need an empty soda can, a scissor or a blade and sharpie pen. First of all Just make a large ‘I’ over the centre of the can. Now cut the lines with scissors or a blade. You have to open up the two sides of the wings and hold them back. Now you get a small place to place your candle or that small lamp. After that, hang that beautiful holder to your wall.

Survival Hacks By Using A Soda Can

Make a Torch with it:
You may not believe but soda cans can be a torch when you need it. you just have to have an empty soda can, cooking oil, Table napkins or Paper towel. Firstly, you have to roll the paper towel or the napkins. Now dip the roll on the olive oil. Now pour some oil into the can. the amount should be halfway. Then, place the roll inside and light it up. (Also Read: How To Make A Natural First Aid Kit)

A whistle of survival:
This hack is very easy and handy. You just need an empty soda can, a sharp and large scissors. Nothing hard in this. You just have to cut, fold and roll a strip from the soda can. Make the fold as much as a whistle. You are ready to use it as a whistle when you need to show a survival alert.

Make them as your hanger or a hook:
You can make a hook by using a soda can. How? Here are the details. You just have to have a tab of the soda can, paracords and scissors. You have to cut out the middle area of the tab. Now just tie or add the paracord on the top. Your hanger is made successfully. (Also Read: How to save someone from drowning)

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