How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight

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How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you are full of excitement to try it on. However, it is not always the case with the shoes. Sometimes you end with the shoe size that is a little tight for you. Then you have an option to change them or wear them till they loosen up. When you continue to do that your feet have to bear the burn of it as then you end up with shoe bites. Shoe bites can be very nasty to deal with and cause you a lot of pain. So, the best way is to know how to stretch your shoes easily. (Also read: What are the weirdest survival hacks that you must know)

It is basic fact that when exposed to heat the leather expands. So, the simple solution for the shoes uses the heat from a blow-dryer.


  • Wear 2 or 3 layers of socks. Then wear your shoes.
  • Apply the heat from the blow-dryer.
  • Cover all the spot, but don’t blow it over 30 seconds for each spot
  • Once you are done, don’t miss out on leather conditioner. (Also read: Unbelievable survival hacks that can save your life)

Ice in a zip lock bag
It the rule of science is that when the water has frozen the space it occupies expands. So, you can apply the same principle to stretching the shoes.


  • Take two ziplock bags and fill them with water (enough to fill the toe room of the shoes.
  • Then, make sure there is no air in it.
  • After that put them in the shoes
  • Freeze it

Rubbing alcohol
You can use the rubbing alcohol to expand the shoes. It works to expand the natural fabrics.


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