Why do we need to save water

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Why do we need to save water

The water is the sole essence of life on the earth. Water can be used in various ways and methods. From eating, drinking, bathing every day we all need water. However, some people like to simply waste the water a lot, whereas some people don’t have enough water for the survival itself. The water is limited in amount, especially the fresh water. If we continue to live a life with no regard for the water then it can lead to a very difficult future. That is why it is important to know and understand as to why we should save water.

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Water is the source of energy
Water is a convenient and renewable source of energy. This energy is wonderful to fulfil all our energy requirements and our needs. The creation of dams and hydropower projects is good enough to turn into a sustainable source of energy.

The body can’t survive without fresh water
It is not surprising that every human needs water to survive. If you don’t drink water even for a day or two, then you can face the problem of dehydration. Any human being will suffer fatal consequences if there is no water available.

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To live a healthy life, healthy hygiene is a must. Without water you can’t imagine even the basic things like bathing, brushing your teeth etc. If you don’t keep yourself clean, then chances are you will fall prey to some disease.

Used for agriculture
To survive in this world, agriculture is a must. For agriculture, it is widely known fact that water is required. The water is the sole basis of food production.

Water is needed for the ecosystem
To maintain a healthy ecosystem and balance in nature, the water is important. It is important to save water to save the earth.

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