How your scarf can be used as a survival tool

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How your scarf can be used as a survival tool

Accidents, incidents, nature’s destruction, anything can happen, anytime. There are not many ways to prepare yourself or keep yourself prepared for it. In this situation, even your everyday things can turn really helpful and useful for the survival. One of such things is scarf or stoles. A scarf is something that is used to improve the look of the person or to add appeal to the outfit. In any difficult situation, this scarf itself can turn into a huge help. It can be used as a bag, a net and in various other forms. So, let’s get to know of it. (Also read: How to filter the water easily)

Helps you to cool down
You might think that the scarf can be used to cover the face in case of heat. However, if you sprinkle water on the scarf before covering your face with it, it will help to cool down your body temperature.

Useful in case of injuries
If you have sustained any external injury, the scarf can be used to control the blood loss. You can use it as a bandage or a sling in case of any broken bone.  (Also read: How to remove scratches from eyeglasses)

Can be used as a carry bag
If you are stuck somewhere you have to think of the ways to carry your stuff with ease. That is where the scarf comes in. You can tie the opposite ends of the scarf to make a bag. This might be really useful in an adverse situation.

Filter water
The scarf can be used to remove dust and visible impurities from the water. However, remember that it is just a way to filter the dust and dirt from the water, not the microbes. So, boil the water before using it.

As a mosquito or bug net
If you have a long scarf then you can use it to cover yourself and protect yourself from the bug or mosquitos. It can be very useful for it. (Also read: What to do in case of a sunstroke)

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