How To Treat A Victim Of Electrical Shock

How To Treat A Victim Of Electric Shock

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Getting an electric shock is horrifying, no matter how the intensity of the current is. Depends on the volt of the current, it travels through our entire body. By chance, if the intensity of the current becomes stronger, then there are even chances to kill a human body. Otherwise, if the electric shock victim needs to be treated as soon as he gets the tremors. In this modern urban lifestyle, mishaps can happen in the house, office or anywhere on the road like this. So, you need to be well aware of the precautions to help others and to help yourself. Let us have a look at the followings:
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Have a keen eye for the accident area:
If you are near to the accident area, do not try to touch the victim immediately. Have a look at the entire scene first. Find out the source of the electric shock. If there is water near the victim or the floor is wet, do not even think to go near to the victim. If you do that, you will also get stuck with the victim.

Switch off the source of the current:
You can not come close to the victim but the first thing which you should do is to switch off the power source. When the power will be gone, there will be no chance of getting the tremors worse. If you can not find the switchboard or you get confused between all the switches, you can directly go to the power box and can stop the supply. (Also Read: How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds)

Separate the victim from the power source:
When you are going to separate the person from the electric supply, always keep in mind one thing. You can not touch the person with your bare hand. You have to take a wooden stand or anything which is sufficient to drag the person out. Wood does not catch electric. That is why you should use it. But you can not take an iron or aluminium plate to touch the person as these materials catch electric easily.

Talk to the victim after releasing:
You have to talk to the victim right after releasing him. If he is in a state to talk, lie him down and cover with a blanket. But, if he is not able to talk then immediately check his pulse and call a doctor. There even may be possibilities that the person gradually lose his senses and then get fainted. So, talking to the person will keep him awake with his scenes. (Also Read: How to make a copy of the key at home in just 5 minutes)

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