How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds

How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds

A small cut or crushing of the upper layer of the skin results in passive bleeding. However excessive blood loss can be dangerous, thus it becomes important to stop bleeding as soon as possible. There are some people who can’t see blood and get fainted or disturbed by seeing the blood flow. Even if someone else bleeds, they feel anxious, so one needs to stop the blood immediately. Sometimes the wound is so grave, that there is excess blood flow. Even if you plan to visit a doctor, you need a first aid at home, to stop the flowing blood. Therefore one should know a quick trick to stop the blood. (Also read: How to make a copy of the key at home in just 5 minutes

How does the blood clots form after an injury?
The blood of human being comprises of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The platelets are however responsible for blood clotting and stopping the blood from flowing. It creates a layer on the wound. The chemical release in the body sends a signal which eventually leads to platelets cover the wound. However, when the wound is too deep and grave, it becomes difficult to cover it up with the natural process. In such case, we need to deal with it smartly and take some immediate measure to stop it before there is excess blood flow. Besides this, we also have to make sure that there is no risk of infection for what we do.

How to stop bleeding immediately?
There is a simple home remedy to stop blood flow immediately. So, run to your kitchen and take some cayenne pepper or the red hot chilli. This is one of the effective ingredients to provide immediate relief to the flowing blood. It treats the fungal infection, joint pain and even heart burn. It helps to stop the blood flow instantly. Thus follow the method given below to stop the blood flow: (Also read: How to light a fire with help of pencil)

1. Clean your wound with a cotton ball and keep it stay open for some seconds.
2. Then take 1 teaspoon full of cayenne pepper and apply it on the wound.
3. Clean the wound with cotton and let it remain open for 20 seconds.
4. It will instantly stop the blood as soon as it settles on the skin.
5. You will notice that the blood flow stops.
6. Now clean the wound and apply the medicine on it.

You will suffer inflammation once you pour the red hot chilli or cayenne pepper on the wound. But soon it will settle. Besides, stopping the blood flow it even helps in healing the wound. All of us keep on suffering from small cuts and wounds in our daily life. This trick will help you to avoid the excess blood flow! (Also read: How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle)

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