How to save someone from drowning

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How to save someone from drowning

We normally encounter many cases of drowning while we are near the seaside or may be near the swimming pool. Anyone who doesn’t no swimming can be the victim of the same. But if you know swimming, you should not hesitate to save someone’s life. It can even happen in a shallow depth water. There are a series of steps you should take in order to save someone from drowning. Reach in front of the person, throw something to hold, swim to the plain land and give the necessary first aid. Even though you know swimming, you should always call someone else as well for help. This will make the rescue operation easy. (Also read:How to save someone from a burning car)

Here are some of the steps with which you can save someone from drowning:

Always call someone for help. On an average, an adult human being can survive in a drowning state for 3 minutes whereas a child can only take it up to few seconds. You can always scream to attract the crowd and ask for help from maximum people.

Reach the drowning person: You will have to take a risk. Make sure you know swimming and you are in a safe state to protect someone who is drowning. Try to lie down on the floor and reach out the person by stretching your hand. You can take a branch of the tree or a towel and throw it towards the person who is drowning. Make sure you are not hitting the person. If the person is able to grab the support, he or she will probably be saved. However, if the distance is too far, then try to get into the water holding the edge properly. And then stretch the helping hand towards the drowning person. (Also read: How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds)

Throw: You will see the safety ring nearby every pool. It is attached to a long piece of rope. It is floating tubes which can save a person from drowning. Make sure you throw the ring towards the person who is drowning and pull the person towards the edge.

Take a boat to the person: If the drowning person is too far or you can’t reach the person with methods of hand help and floating tube. So take a boat and go nearby the person. Make sure you do not hit the person. Even carry the floating safety ring with you. As soon as you reach the person, throw the tube towards the person and help him to relax while he is almost in a hustle. Try to communicate with the person. Ask him to hold the boat and try to pull him up. However, do not lose the balance of the boat.

Swim to the person: This is a bit risky and is the last choice. If nothing works, do not hesitate to jump in the water yourself. Make sure you are a good swimmer and can save a life. While the person is drowning, he is usually heavy to carry him out of the water. So, take a towel or a rope which the drowning person can hold and come out easily while you are swimming.

After rescuing the person, it’s utmost important to give first aid to the person. Make sure the nostrils and mouth of the person are open and he is breathing fine. If he is not breathing you have to perform, CPR which stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You have to compress the chest of the person and give a mouth to mouth oxygen to the person. The blood starts circulating in the body when the CPR is performed. It must be performed right after the person is rescued. Insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain can lead to death. (Also read: How to light a fire with help of pencil)

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