How to save someone from a burning car

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How to save someone from a burning car

Burning of a car or any other vehicle can be a terrible sight. But, if you ever come across such an unpleasant sight, you must not stand indifferent to the accident. It could result in the loss of life of the passengers inside the vehicle or may the one standing nearby. You will have to be really quick and take an immediate action to minimize the impact of the burning car. You must know what to do during the need of an emergency. Usually, the cause of the fire is usually a mechanical or electrical failure.

However, first of all, you need to call the fire brigade. You must have an ABC fire extinguisher, protective clothes, safe spot to rescue your own self and the person inside the car. If nothing works out, you are only left with the option of breaking the window, thus you must have a window breaking tool. (Also read: How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds)

Thus here are some guidelines you must follow while you see a burning car:

There is no doubt that approaching a burning car requires a lot of risks. It could lead to some serious injury. However, if someone is inside the car, you should show some courage and use your brain to save the life.

Step1: You must call the fire brigade or fire extinguisher squad by calling on 101 in India. Do not forget to call them and inform about the accident. While they reach, you can try your bit to save the person inside. Make sure, you are in a safe zone.

Step 2: If you see the fuel flowing out of the car, immediately ask the other vehicles passing by to stop and wait till the situation comes under control. (Also read: How to make a copy of the key at home in just 5 minutes)

Step 3: If you are trying to approach the car, to help out the people who are inside it, then you must cover yourself with proper clothes, to avoid any direct contact of your skin with fire.

Step 4: Try to stand uphill, so that the smoke coming out of the car, doesn’t bother you. Do not stand right in front of the tyres and the bumper. These two things have the maximum chances of bursting up with heat. Also, find a suitable spot to run to avoid any mishappening.

Step 5: Always try to carry the ABC fire extinguisher with you and spray it in the engine and headlight area. You can also use a garden hose to increase the flow of water and to cover the wider range of car, as it spreads in a larger area.

Step 6: If containing fire become impossible for you, try to save the person who is stuck inside the car. Try to pull out the smallest person through the window or gate. Do not target on someone who is hard to get. The aim is to save the maximum life, thus start with the one who is accessible.

Step 7: If the person inside the car is injured, try to lift the person out. You should support his back and spine to avoid any more injuries. Do not just pull out the person with a force.

Usually, mishandling and mechanical and electrical break out leads to the fire. However, regular maintenance of the car can help to avoid this life threatening accident. (Also read: How to light a fire with help of pencil)

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