How to make your shoes waterproof at home

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How can you waterproof your shoes at home

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It is hard to predict that what will happen in future but simple knowledge about survival hacks can save you in tough times. Some survival hacks are related to your everyday life. Most of the people have a pair of shoes those are their favourite and they like to wear them as often as they can. However, when it comes to situations like heavy rain or puddles or any other water-based threat it becomes almost impossible to keep your favourite shoes safe. Now you can stop worrying about this as there are ways that can keep your shoes waterproof even in the worst climate change. Let’s find out how can you keep your shoes waterproof.

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How to waterproof your shoes?

What are the things you will need to waterproof your shoes?

All you need for this is wax, rubber gloves and hairdryer.

What’s the procedure?
First of all, make sure that you have rubber gloves on. Take a generous amount of wax and rub it on your shoes. Make sure you don’t miss any corner or edge. Then, all you need to do is blow dry the wax. Due to the exposure towards heat, the wax will melt and will stick on the shoes. As a result, your shoes will turn waterproof. (Also read: How to perform CPR in the right way)

Precautions that you must take
Before applying wax it is important that you clean your shoes properly. There are many kinds of wax available in the market. You can use paraffin wax for this procedure as well. Paraffin wax is used in the making of the candles. If you feel that your shoes will be damaged by the application of the wax then you can apply the wax of a small section of the shoes and test it out. When you apply the wax your shoes will appear white in appearance. Don’t worry it will be okay when you will apply the hair dryer. (Also read: How to use the fire extinguisher to put out a fire)

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