How to make a copy of the key at home in just 5 minutes

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How to make a copy of the key at home in 5 minutes

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Survival hacks are not just about surviving in the wilderness. They are simple ways by which you can simplify your life. One of such survival hacks is making an extra copy of your key. Often finding your keys on time can be a tricky, however, with a simple method you can copy your key in the times of your need. This survival hack is also an amazing life hack. The most amazing part of this making the copy of the key is it can be prepared at home using simple things. It can be used an emergency spare key. This survival hack can completely make things easy for you in just 5 minutes. The process is simple and quick. (Also read: How to light a fire with help of pencil)

How to make the copy of your key in just 5 minutes?

Things you will need

    • The original key
    • Light metal plate like bottle lid, soda can etc
    • Pliers
    • Hammer
    • Matchsticks
    • Clear tape
    • Scissors
    • Metal file

The process 


  • Use the light metal sheet like bottle can, or lid or a bottle.
  • Then, use hammer or pliers to completely flatten it
  • Now make sure that the sheet is flat entirely
  • Then pick the key and black coat it using fire
  • It is better to use matchstick, but you can also go for a lighter
  • Take the block coated impression of the key on a clear tape
  • Be careful with this step as the key will be hot
  • Now keep the original key aside and stick the tape(the side where the black coat impression is there)
  • Use scissors to cut the metal sheet in the shape of the key
  • Be extra careful with this step as you are using scissors
  • To Make the edges more sharp and clear use the metal file.

Once you are done with the preparation of the copy of the key, put it to test. If you are unable to make it work, then compare your copy to the original key design, and make the changes. (Also read: How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle)

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