How to light a fire with help of pencil

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how to light a fire with help of pencil

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Fire is very helpful, if you were forced to spend a night at the isolated place, it may be dense forest or cold place. You can easily light a fire with match box or a lighter in any difficult situation. But it is quite impossible to light a fire in absence of the both said things. Unfortunately, sometimes if you forget to carry lighter or match box with you, in that case, a pencil can be proved very helpful to light a fire. It is unbelievable but this fact the pencil can be used to light a fire in any condition. This pencil Survival Hack can also save your life by lighting a fire if no help is available near you. (Also read: How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle)

Things required to light a fire with the help of pencil:

  • A pencil
  • Jumper cable
  • Car battery


If you are passing through a forest, which is not a residential area and for some reason you get stuck there or forget the path. And you are forced to stay at the place, you can light a fire by using a pencil. The fire will protect you from wild animals or you can also point smoke for help. This surreal hack will also prove to be helpful in protecting you from the cold. Just for this Survival Hack, you have to remember the procedure mentioned below.

  • Take a pencil and keep in mind that it should not be too small.
  • Now with the help of a sharp blade or with your teeth remove the wood on one side of the pencil.
  • Keep in mind that the graphite of the pencil is not broken and it is completely visible while removing the wooden part.
  • Now take a jumper cable and linked it with a negative and positive point of the car battery.
  • Place the ends of the jumper cable on the pencil’s graphite.
  • In a short time, the smoke will start moving from the graphite and it will catch fire.
  • Now place this burning wood in any paper or dry leaves.
  • If you have the same pencil, you can break the pencil in two-three parts and use it more than once.


Keep in mind that the positive and negative points remain in full contact with the graphite. And also, keep the pencil wood toward the neutral point of the cable.

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