How to help someone who becomes unconscious and faints

How to help someone who becomes unconscious and faints

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Fainting or getting unconscious is one of the most common symptoms of an inadequate supply of blood to the brain. It makes the person get unconscious for a short while. During this period, the person has no senses and often loses the control over the body. However, the person gains consciousness within a minute or two after fainting. But there are some cases where the person may take a longer time. Besides this, there are certain medical factors also which can make the person get fainted. Drop in the blood pressure, issues with the heart, dehydration, sudden shock, excessive stress etc. can be the possible causes. One must make sure to provide proper first aid to the person who faints. (Also read:What are the safety precautions one should take during flood)

How to help someone who becomes unconscious and faints?

  • In case someone faints in front of you, stretch your helping hand in order to bring the person back to consciousness.
  • Do not panic while someone faints off. Keep calm and move forward to help them out. In case they are likely to fall, make sure you hold them. It will help to avoid any kind of injury to their body.
  • Do not surround the person with so many people around. Let some fresh air flow inside, in order to make the person breathe properly. (Also read: What are the do’s and don’ts in case of a snake bite)
  • Allow them to lie straight on their back. It becomes easy for the heart to pump the blood and send it to the brain when we lay straight. Make sure that person is not wearing a tie around the neck. In fact, unbutton the collar button. Most people gain consciousness within 20-25 seconds after fainting, but this is actually quite crucial time.
  • In fact, try to raise the legs of the person, it will help in the better flow of the blood.
  • When the person gains consciousness, do not let him/her get up and move. Let them rest by lying down for few minutes. At this time, the body needs to rest. Make sure they do not rush into the things.
  • In case the person does not regain consciousness, check the pulse rate by touching the neck area. Call the doctor immediately without any delay. You can meanwhile sprinkle some water on their face.
  • Give CPR by kneeling down against the unconscious person. Press the chest of the person. Keep putting the pressure on the chest of the person, until the doctors come. (Also read: What are the necessary safety tips during Earthquake)
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