How to chop onion without tears

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how to chop onion without tears

The onion is widely consumed as a part of the food. People consume use onions to cook food or consume raw onion as a salad. Despite onion bring tastes to your food but it also brings tears to your eyes when you chop them. Everyone start cry when they start chopping onions. It happens due to the presence of synthesis enzymes in the onion. These enzymes cause inflammation in the lacrimal gland of your eyes, due to which the tears start flowing from your eyes. If you want to avoid the tears while chopping onion, you can adopt some methods. With the help of these methods, you can chop onions without tears in your eyes. (Also read: What are the amazing tips to make your travel safer)

Let’s know about a method to chop onions without tears:

First method: Cut the onion in water:
Cutting onions in water weaken the vapour formation and destroy enzymes that cause tears. Put the water in a vessel and then add onion. After this chop onion and this will not bring tears to your eyes.

Second method: Soak onion in water
Soaking onion in water, prevent the release of acidic enzymes, which cause tears. Take a water in a vessel and peel the onion and put it in it. Leave them for 5-10 minutes, and then chop. This will not cause tears in your eyes. (Also read: What are the survival hacks that won’t work in real life)

Third method: Cut the onion near hot water:
Hot water prevents the acid release from the onion and stops it from reaching your eyes due to which you do not feel irritation or tears. Put hot water in a vessel and cut the onion near the vessel. It will not cause tears.

Fourth method: Chewgum:
While chewing a gum, you breathe from the mouth. When you breathe from the mouth, the acid coming from the onion does not enter in your nose. This will prevent tears from your eyes. Chew 2-3 chewing gum while chopping the onion to avoid tears.

Fifth method: Burn the candle
Heat from the candle prevents acid enzymes from reaching your lacrimal gland of eyes. Burn the candle while chopping onion. This will not cause tears from your eyes. (Also read: How to get chewing gum out of clothes)

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