How to charge your phone without using electricity

How to charge your phone without using electricity

Cellphones are an important part of our daily routine and life. They are not just used to communicate with people, they are also used to get information from all over the world. However, this is impossible when your phone is drained of power. People at once get a charger to charge their phones, but what if there was no electricity? Is there a way to charge your phone when you have no electricity? Yes! There are ways that you can use to charge your phone without electricity. Let’s find out what they are. (Also read: How ice can help you to boil the water)

Things to remember
The options mentioned below are just methods in the worst possible situation. One should not use these methods in conventional ways.

Using laptop
If you have a laptop or desktop available, you can simply use a USB cord and connect the laptop or desktop to the phone. It is a very basic hack, but at the time of crises, people forget about them completely.  (Also read: Survival Hack: How to start a fire using water)

Car Charging
The cellphone can be charged without using electricity using the power available in the car. For this, you can use two ways. The ways are:
Using the battery of the car:

The battery of the car can be used to charge the battery of the phone. It is important to remember few things it is fine that you connect the internal battery to a voltage of 4V externally However, don’t switch the batteries.

Portable charger
Almost all cars have the option of attaching the portable charger to the car. It might charge your phone slowly, but when you are travelling it is the best option. Therefore, remember it then.

Solar charging
There are many solar powered battery chargers available nowadays that can help to charge the phone using the solar energy. However, this can only happen on a clear sunny day. (Also read: How can you use the coffee filter for survival)

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