How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle

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How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle

When you are stuck in a harsh condition where the even your survival is difficult, then every little hack can save your life. It is important to keep survival hacks in mind so that when you deserted in an unknown space where you cannot find your way, even then you can survive. One of such hacks it making a rope out of a plastic bottle. It might sound shocking but if you know the trick then it is indeed possible.

This survival hack can be the one thing that might keep you moving and safe. A simple plastic bottle can turn into a great help if you are completely stranded and lost in the wild. The process of making this plastic rope is fairly simple and easy to do by yourself. For this, all you will need is a plastic bottle and a blade. Keep these two types of equipment in mind when you go for your adventure.


How can you make a rope out of the plastic bottle?
A plastic bottle can turn into an excellent survival tool. The rope made out of this might not be able to pull a lot of weight but it is excellent when it comes to five to seven kilos. In the wilderness and desert, this survival hack can help you to save your life.

First of all, remove the bottom of the bottle. With simple techniques, you can make an efficient bottle cutter. Then, place the bottle in a way that the cutter cuts the bottle in a spiral way. There should not be any breaking the process. Keep doing the process till your reach the end of it. The result of this whole process, it a plastic rope like structure. For better strength and functioning you can join the two ends and make it stronger. Therefore, this bottle hack can be very useful for your survival.

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