How to get chewing gum out of clothes

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How to get chewing gum out of clothes

There are many problems that can cause a lot of trouble for you. Even when they appear simple some troubles are completely unprecedented such as getting chewing stuck on the clothes. It not only ruins your clothes but also annoys you. However, you don’t need to worry as there are many things that are found in your home only that can help you to remove the chewing form the clothes. These methods include the use of everyday things, thus you will face no problem in removing the chewing gum. Also, the fabric of your cloth will stay intact and harm-free. (Also read: How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight)

Method 1: Ice
The ice is the best way to remove the chewing from the clothes. All you need to do is rub ice on the part covered with the chewing and then remove it with the help of a knife. Be very careful with the knife, but the method is very simple and easy to use.

Method 2: Hairspray
The hairspray can be used to remove the chewing gum from the clothes. The hairspray contains alcohol and polymer. Thus it removes the impact of the chewing gum and you can remove it easily. Use a knife to ease out the chewing gum. (Also read: What are the weirdest survival hacks that you must know)

Method 3: Rubbing alcohol and duct tape
To remove the chewing gum you can use the rubbing alcohol. The chewing gum is made of polymer and repair water, so the rubbing alcohol breaks it down. Apply the rubbing alcohol to the cotton ball and, apply this to chewing gum and then remove the gum using a duct tape.

Method 4: Hot iron
The hot iron can be used to remove the chewing gum from the cloth. The heat is used this purpose. However, you have to be careful. Put a paper on the area with chewing and then put the hot iron.  (Also read: Unbelievable survival hacks that can save your life)

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