Easiest Survival Hacks: Survival hacks using a water bottle

Plastic Bottle Survival Hacks that Could Save Your Life

Plastic Bottle Survival Hacks that Could Save Your Life

Our life is full of simple things that make our life easier and better. One of these things is a plastic bottle. We all use the plastic bottle to store water or any other cool drink. However, in a difficult situation, even the simple thing like a plastic bottle can be extremely useful. You need to know the unusual survival hacks using the plastic bottle so that in times of need you can make the best of the things that you have in hand. The best part is that these hacks are simple and you can do them on your own. So, let’s find out how to use a plastic bottle for survival.  (Also read: What are the survival hacks that won’t work in real life)

Plastic Bottle Survival Hacks that Could Save Your Life

  • Rope made of plastic bottle
  • Storage
  • Plastic bottle sandals
  • To filter water using the plastic bottle

Rope made of plastic bottle
A plastic bottle can turn into an excellent survival tool. The rope made out of this might not be able to pull a lot of weight but it still can be useful. For this basically, place the bottle in a way that the cutter cuts the bottle in a spiral way. There should not be any breaking the process. It will result in a plastic rope. (Also read: How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle)

If you cut open the upper portion of the plastic bottle then it can be used as a storage unit. You can save and store things like money and phones to keep them away from rain and dirt.

Plastic bottle sandals
The plastic bottle can turn in into plastic bottle sandals in the worst situation. Just crush the bottle into a flat surface and use stingers and cloth pieces to clasp it to the feet.

To filter water using the plastic bottle

Put some layers of gravel, sand, and charcoal in a plastic bottle. Then use the filling in the plastic bottle to run the water through and filter it. Remember that it is filtered water, which is not free from harmful microbes.

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