Disaster management: How to contact your loved one during disasters

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contact your loved one during disasters

Ways to contact your loved one during disasters

When a disaster strikes, people panic a lot. Once they are safe, their first thought is to take care of their loved ones. However, it becomes difficult to contact them during that time. You need help to get in touch with them. In order to talk to your loved ones during that time, you should adopt a few ways that you can help in contacting them. Just remember that panicking and losing control of your emotions is not helpful to anyone. If anything it can make the situation worse. So, stay calm. (Also read: What are the weirdest survival hacks that you must know)

Ways to contact your loved one during disasters

  • Have a disaster plan ready
  • Take help from social media
  • Call your family members
  • Use a radio

Have a disaster plan ready
Make a plan to get updates during the disaster. First of all, use 2-3 phone numbers for this. So if you can’t connect to a number, then you can talk with the help of another number. (Also read: Unbelievable survival hacks that can save your life)

Take help from social media
In today’s time, social media plays an important role in our lives. As soon as you know about the disaster, try to get in touch with your loved ones through social media. If they have made updates on social media, then you can know about them and if they need something then you will get to know. (Also read: What are the survival hacks that won’t work in real life)

Call your family members
The phone is called the old version of social media. In the time of disaster, people are often busy calling each other. By doing this, you stay connected to each other. It is the source of your information. You can also tell other people if there is an update. It helps to rest your worry. (Also read: How to help someone who becomes unconscious and faints)

Use a radio
If you are not able to contact your loved ones in any way, you can use the radio during this time. With the help of radio, you can send out a message to your loved ones. If they are listening to you through the radio then you will get the answer. It is an old-school way.

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So, remember to focus on these ways. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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