Body hacks to make your life better and simpler

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Body hacks to make your life better and simpler

People face all kinds of trouble every day that make their everyday life tricky and challenging. These problems might not be of a monstrous size but are troublesome nonetheless. Such problems include hiccups, yawning throughout the day due to lack of sleep. These things can cause you embarrassment. You can use some of the amazing body hacks to avoid or to fight the problems. After all, we all want to make our life easier and simpler. So why waste your time, when you can hack your way into making your life simpler and better. Let’s find out. (Also read: What to do in case of wasp or bee sting immediately)

To fix a bad mood use a pencil
It often happens that you are in a really bad mood and you end up having a bad day as well. There is a simple but unusual hack for this, that is put a pencil in your mouth. When you put pen or pencil in your mouth then the muscles responsible for laughter gets activated. This releases dopamine and serotonin.

Stop the yawning
If you don’t sleep properly at night you feel like yawning all day. You can avoid this problem by drinking a glass of cold water and drinking it slowly. It will control the yawning.  (Also read: How to charge your phone without using electricity)

Acid reflux
Many people complain about the problem of acid reflux. One of the reasons for it sleeping on the right side. When you sleep in that position then the stomach is pushed upwards. This leads to the problem of acid reflux. Always try sleeping on the left side.

When you suffer from the problem of hiccups it can be really annoying. To get rid of the hiccups you need to increase the level carbon dioxide in the blood. So have water with head in a downward direction. Basically bend downwards and have water from the other end of the glass.

Keep your eyes open to stop crying
Crying is the body’s natural emotional response but it can be embarrassing. So, to avoid it, keep your eyes open and look upwards.  (Also read: How ice can help you to boil the water)

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