Amazing tricks and ways to make your everyday life simpler

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Amazing tricks and ways to make your everyday life simpler

Everyday people struggle with simple things in life. Almost everyone wishes that there were some tricks or ways to simplify few things that could help you to live your life in a more efficient way. However, you don’t need to trouble yourself with these thoughts anymore, as there are simple everyday survival tricks that can help you to turn your life around. These simple life hacks are not just about your lifestyle but also related to Psychology. So, let’s start with amazing and useful everyday survival tips. (Also read: What to do immediately if a dog bites you)

Fat-free yoghurt for anxiety
If you often feel overwhelmed with your anxiety due to work stress, then all you need is 2 or 3 spoons of fat-free yoghurt. It contains the amino acid that will help you to calm down.

Finding cheap product in a store

If you are looking for cheap products in a store, chances are that you won’t find them right away. So, always look for them in racks above the eye level. They are usually stored there.

Making candles last long

If you want to make sure that your candles last long, then there is a simple trick. Store them in the freezer for a while. When you will light them they’ll stay longer.

Printer Quality check

Are you worried about the quality of your printer’s ink? Just print the Google’s logo. As it contains all the prominent colours. This will help you to check the quality.

Mosquito bite

If you get bitten by a mosquito then the best way to avoid the reaction is to put a hot spoon on it. It will fight the reaction and itching sensation. As the protein injected from bite die in hot condition.

Broken lipstick tip
If you are really worried about your broken lipstick tip, then there is a way. All you need to do is to use fire to melt the back of the broken tip and put it in the original place.

Cleaning the keyboard
Your laptop can contain more germs than you know. However, it is often difficult to clean the keyboard. You can simply use a post-it note to clean it.

Waterproof your shoes
Water can completely ruin your perfectly good shoes. So, to make them waterproof at home apply wax on them. (Also read: How to make your shoes waterproof at home)

After coffee care
Whenever you drink coffee or soda or any other sugar based beverage make sure you drink water. This way you can protect your teeth’s health. Coffee or other unhealthy drinks are bad for your teeth.

The way you sit
The way you sit sends out a message about your personality. If you sit cross-legged it means your not friendly or you are a sceptic.

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