Survival Hack: How to start a fire using water

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Survival Hack: How to start a fire using water

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When you get stuck in a difficult situation or condition in winter then you really need fire. Fire is important to keep a person warm, to cook food and to disinfect the water. If you are stuck in a dark place it helps you to see things and escape the place. If you are stuck in a place where you don’t have any matchstick or lighter and you don’t know how to prepare fire naturally then the chance of survival are really low. To light the fire you can rub two stones together, but there is another way. That way is starting a fire with water. It might sound impossible, but it is indeed very much possible. Let’s find out how to start the fire with water. (Also read: How can you use the coffee filter for survival)

Start a fire using water and light bulb
To start a fire using water you will need something else to help it as well. In this method, you need a light bulb. Take the light bulb and make a hole in its metallic end and remove the things in it. When it all is clear then take water to clean it up. Repeat it multiple times till the glass is all clear. When the glass is completely clear then fill it with water and cover it using a ballon. Now use sun’s ray to focus on a piece of paper through the bulb full of water. You will see that it will catch fire at once.  (Also read: Amazing tricks and ways to make your everyday life simpler)


Start the fire using bowl, polythene and water
For this, you need to cover the bowl using a transparent polythene and fill it with water. When the bowel is filled with water then use the polyethene and turn it into a water-filled balloon. The ballon must be transparent. Now stand opposite to the direction of the sun and focus on a dark sheet of paper using the sun’s ray. When you focus well, then the paper will instantly catch fire.  (Also read: How to make your shoes waterproof at home)

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