Karwa Chauth 2017: Important Tips For A Healthy Karwa Chauth

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Karwa Chauth 2017: Important Tips For A Healthy Karwa Chauth

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Karwa Chauth is one of the most important Hindu festivals. It is the festival celebrated to strengthen the bond between husband and wife. Karwa Chauth depicts that love is unconditional. The wife keeping aside the materialistic lust, fasts for her husband’s long life and prosperity even without drinking water from sunrise to moonrise. Some may consider it a myth, but the fact is that all the married women, who follow this tradition, feel great while observing fast. They get excited and overwhelmed when the date for Karwa Chauth comes near. However, some women may suffer from health issues like a headache, nausea and lethargy during the fasting period. Thus, to keep you healthy during your this Karwa Chauth fast we have some important tips for you. Hence, please read below some important tips for a healthy Karwa Chauth.

Avoid Eating Sweets:

You should not eat sweets in the morning i.e., during your ‘sargi’ time as it is not healthy. Sugar leads to hunger pangs later in the day. Hence, avoid eating sweets to resist from starving badly. [Also Read: How Karwa Chauth Festival Strengthen The Bond Of Husband And Wife]

Eat Nuts In Minimal:

Nuts have good nutrition and also it boosts your energy level. Thus, you can eat almonds, walnuts or cashew as per your ease to stay energetic all day long.

Drink Water:

The time before sunrise is the only time you have to drink as much water as you can. Hence, drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water before sunrise so that you can stay hydrated.

Best Time To Do Things You Like:

Now as you will be pampered for the whole day, you can be yourself as you like. Watch movies, read books or sleep. Do whatever you like but stay busy to divert your mind from getting thirsty or hungry this Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth 2017: Important Tips For A Healthy Karwa Chauth
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Evening Tea (If Your Rituals Allow):

If your rituals allow you to drink something after ‘evening puja’ of Karwa Chauth, you can drink tea but with more quantity of milk. The tea can cause you acidity, however, a tea with more milk can calm your hunger pangs and lessen the head heaviness if you suffer from same.

No Oil In Dinner:

After being empty stomach for the whole day, do not jump to grasp your favourite oily meal. This can make you ill and you may suffer from indigestion. Hence, you can eat light meals high in carbohydrates and protein which will calm your hunger and will revive the lost energy.

Thus, make your Karwa Chauth 2017 healthy and joyful with lots of love!

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