How to plan the perfect fruit diet plan

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How to plan the perfect fruit diet plan

People try various kinds of diet plan to lose weight and detox their body. In everyday life, we consume many food items that are actually really unhealthy for our health. However, when you decide to follow a diet plan then you must carefully pick a diet to follow and gain benefits. One of the most amazing diet plans is fruit diet plan. As the name suggests, fruit diet plan uses fruit to provide nourishment to the body and cleanse the body of the toxins. Fruits are an excellent source of nourishment and nutrition. They also help to lose weight. So let’s find out the best way to follow the fruit diet plan. (Also read: What is Keto diet and why it is a good choice for weight loss)

What are the fruits you must include in your fruit diet plan?

  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Berries
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Pomegranate
  • Watermelon
  • Orange

Important tip

Some “vegetables” like tomato and cucumbers are also part of fruits kingdom. So, don’t forget to include them.  (Also read: How to lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks: Week 3 diet chart)
The diet plan

Your breakfast must be heavy so go for a banana smoothie with berries and coconut milk.
Then next day you can try for low-fat yoghurt and add sliced fruits to it.

Pre-lunch snack
Keep dry fruits handy for your snacks like almonds and dried peaches
However, keep the number of dry fruits minimum. Don’t overeat.

In lunch, you can experiment with various kinds of fruits in your fruit salad. Make sure you add berries, banana and grapes to eat. Feel free to experiment with fruits and add new things eat day to keep the lunch innovative.

Pre-dinner snack
You can go for dried figs or some dry fruits for your pre-dinner snack.

Prepare a salad for dinner including cucumber, tomato and avocado. Add olive oil and lemon as part of the dressing.

You can use the variety of fruits in your fruit diet to make it more interesting and fun.

What are the things you should keep in mind during the fruit diet?

Drink plenty of water
You must not forget to drink at least 12 glasses of water each day to keep yourself hydrated.

Keep variation
Fruit diet needs variety. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to stay on one kind of diet only. So, experiment with your fruits, use a different kind of ways to have the fruits like making a smoothie, having fruit juices or fruit salad.

Include fresh fruits only
When you decide to go on a fruit diet, you must remember that you should only go for fresh fruits not canned or processed ones. Processed fruits contain chemicals that are really bad for you.  (Also read: How to lose weight with Indian diet plan in 4 weeks: Week 4 diet chart)

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