How Neem Water Bath Is Good For Our Health

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How Neem Water Bath Is Good For Our Health

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Neem is used for its medicinal purposes since ages. Ayurveda also depicts the mesmerising benefits of using neem as it is extremely good for our health. Due to the presence of anti-bacterial property, neem has many health benefits. Taking a bath with neem water acts as a barrier to skin diseases. The antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial property of neem helps to give a boost to immune system besides preventing from skin diseases. Hence, find below how neem water bath is good for our health. [Also Read: Four important things one should do everyday to maintain personal hygiene]

Reduces Body Odour:

Taking a bath with neem water can help you to reduce the awful body odour. The warm and moist parts of the body like armpits and genital area have awful smell where bacteria probes. Thus, the antibacterial property of neem water helps to fight against that bacteria, destroying the bad odour.

Prevents Eye Infection:

Redness in the eye, itching or even conjunctivitis can be cured with the help of neem. Thus, if are suffering from an eye infection, taking a bath with neem water can fight against that infection-causing bacteria. [Also Read: Why It Becomes Necessary To Wash Towel After Using It Twice]

Prevents Skin Diseases:

Taking a bath with neem water can help to prevent skin infections. The neem water helps to fight stubborn acne, pimples, skin rashes and skin irritation. Thus, get the natural glowing skin by taking bath with neem water.

Acts As An Anti-Ageing Agent:

The neem water works as an anti-ageing agent as it helps in nourishing the skin. It helps in treating skin irritation problems thereby, giving a natural glow to the skin.

Good For Hair Health:

Taking bath with neem water is also good for hair. It can strengthen the hair and control hair fall. Besides, the neem has the property to de-clog the pores hence, it can also help in controlling dandruff problems. Thus, using boiled neem water (once cooled) can be extremely beneficial for taking bath. [Also Read: Some essential tips to wash hands properly]

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