How can you use the coffee filter for survival

How can you use the coffee filter for survival

When it comes to the perfect survival hack it is important to think of the everyday things that can be used in a different way. If you stuck in a dangerous situation then all you need to think about different ways to use everyday item. One of such things is a coffee filter. Often we ignore the other possible uses of coffee filter other than filtering the coffee. However, when you think hard about it, you will realize that coffee filter can be used in various ways. So, let’s find out what are the possible ways in which you can use a coffee filter as a survival hack. (Also read: Amazing tricks and ways to make your everyday life simpler)

Water Filter
When you are in a difficult situation then the most vital thing you need for survival is water. However, collecting water can be really tricky as water might contain external elements as well. So, you can use a coffee filter to filter water.

Keep the bugs out
Keeping your food safe is the topmost priority in any tough situation. Therefore, it is important to remember that you can use a coffee filter to cover and protect your food.

To help with the fire
When you are in survival mode you know the value of fire. When you lit a fire, it is important to make it more volatile. In that case, a coffee filter is great as it is very flammable. (Also read: How to make your shoes waterproof at home)

As a disposable plate
You can simply grab a coffee filter paper and use it as a disposable plate. It saves cleaning time and water as well.

When you are stuck in a situation where you are suffering a minor cut, you need something to attend the cut immediately. So, in that case, you can use the coffee paper as a bandage.

Toliet paper
In a bad situation, every bit counts. So, if you are stuck in a difficult condition, you can easily substitute coffee filter as a toilet paper.

Cold compress
A cold compress is used to soothe the body temperature during a fever. The coffee filter makes an excellent cold compress if needed. (Also read: How to perform CPR in the right way)

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