Your face reveals all about your health problems

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Your face reveals all about your health problems

Your face not only exhibit your beauty or personality, but your face also reveals many things about health related problems. Many of the health problems symptoms appear on the face and give an indication of the particular diseases. Moreover, a gesture of face also reveals the deficiency of particular vitamin in our body. Due to the lack of nutritious diet, allergic and genetic causes, many problems arise in our body. If you could find any such symptoms in your body that you have any disease then you should look carefully at your face, which reveals many symptoms. (Also read: Major Signs Your Liver Is Getting Damaged)

Here are some gestures on a face which reveal about many health related problems.

Dry skin and lips
Due to dehydration in the body, the skin and the lips become dry. It points to a serious problem like hypothyroid and diabetes. This is an indication which you can observe by looking at the face.

Hair on the face
Having excess hair growth on women’s, upper lips, jawline and chin indicates towards polycystic ovary syndrome. The excess growth of hair on the face indicates that men’s hormones increase in women’s bodies. (Also read: Five Major Foods Which Are Ruining Your Brain Health)

There are some problems related to the stomach that is clearly visible on our face. Due to red spots, indicates the problem of the coeliac disease. Rashes on the cheekbones and on the nose indicate towards Lupus problem.

Swelling in the eyes
Tiredness in the eyes or swelling in the eyes points towards a long-standing disease, and due to this, the dark circles become under the eyes. It visible clearly on your face.

Color fading of your face
The colour fading of the face indicates anaemia. The yellowing colour of the face indicates the problem of liver disease. (Also read: Why should you never fall asleep right after dinner)

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