What do your wrinkles reveal about your health

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wrinkles reveal health

Skin wrinkles typically appear when the process of ageing takes place. It is normal to have wrinkles as we age. Aging wrinkles on the skin are promoted by habitual facial expressions and various other factors. But if you have wrinkles before the age or prematurely, then you need to alter your skin care routine. Even though you can hide the wrinkles with the help of cosmetic products but this is not a permanent treatment. Interestingly, the wrinkles reveal many things about your health. In this case, if you see wrinkles on your face prematurely, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible, otherwise, it may be dangerous for your health. (Also read: What are the causes behind the trembling of hands)

Let’s know what your wrinkles tell about your health.

Problem of Osteoporosis

The osteoporosis is a condition when the bones of your body become weak and brittle. Sometimes wrinkles reveal this condition as both bones and skin have building blocks which contain proteins known as collagen. The collagen declines with age and the bone density also decreases causing the problem of osteoporosis.

Heart disease
wrinkles reveal health
When the blood vessels get disturbed, wrinkles occur. It is a reflection of the change in blood vessels around the heart. This can also cause various heart-related problems. (Also read:  What are the harmful effects of drinking too much soft drinks)


Due to stress, hormones called cortisol are affected due to which the collagen of the skin starts decreasing and this causes wrinkles even before you age. This cause permanent wrinkles on the forehead.

Eating excessive sugar

The consumption of sugar spikes the insulin levels in the body. The spike in the insulin levels causes a burst of inflammation in the body. The inflammation led to the production of enzymes. These enzymes break down collagen and elastin which results in wrinkles. (Also read: Why is human touch important for an individual)

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