Worst Food Ingredients: What are the most unhealthy food ingredients one must never eat

What are the most unhealthy food ingredients one must never eat

There are some food ingredients which are worst to be added to the food.

Worst food ingredients: Indians stand at the top when it comes to adding flavours to the food. There are certain food ingredients which we think as the best or hardly consider their nutritional value but add to our dish. These food ingredients harm our body in multiple ways. How many of us read the label on the food product before buying it? Not many! Thus, it is essential for all of us to read the label carefully. It helps to understand the ingredients present in the packed food or the effects of the ingredient itself. It is essential to know what you are eating to avoid any kind of health issue. Let’s discuss various food ingredients that are unhealthy for the body. (Also read: How We Are Killing The Goodness Of Superfoods Unknowingly)

Which food ingredients are worst for our health and should not be added to the dish?

  • Vegetable oil
  • Artificial sweetener
  • Food colouring
  • Flavoured yoghurt
  • Condensed milk

Vegetable oil

What are the most unhealthy food ingredients one must never eat
Vegetable oil is a bad food ingredient. One must use olive oil.

Vegetable oil like corn oil, soybean oil etc. are highly processed and are enriched with omega 6 polyunsaturated fats. If these are consumed daily and in excess then they might increase the level of omega 3 fatty acid in the body. One can use virgin olive oil to cook the daily meals and stay healthy. (Also read: How Olive Oil Is Beneficial For Your Health)

Artificial sweetener
Artificial sweeteners contain processed sweetener which might increase the risk of diabetes in the body. It increases the level of blood sugar level and can harm the body organs as well. Excess consumption of artificial sweeteners also increases the calorie intake and make you obese. (Also read: How does excess sugar harm our body)

Food colouring
Food colouring products are the food dyes which are extremely harmful to the body. They contain harmful chemicals which affect the various parts of the body. Instead of switching to artificial sweeteners, one must add natural colouring to foods like beetroot, red cabbage, red pepper etc.

Flavoured yoghurt

What are the most unhealthy food ingredients one must never eat
Flavoured yoghurt which you think is beneficial to the body, is harming you deeply. It contains more sugar in order to give you a likeable flavour. Flavoured yoghurt is nice in taste, as the fat is cut and more sugar is added to them. Thus, one must avoid eating flavoured yoghurt as much as one can. (Also read: Which mistake related to eating yoghurt can increase your weight)

Condensed milk
Condensed milk is high in sugar and sodium. It has less or no nutrients as compared to the whole milk. It is only used for making desserts. Thus, one should avoid consuming condensed milk as much as one can.

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These foods ingredients are worst if added to the food items. They have no good to be done to the body. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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