Worst breakfast foods: Which foods you should not eat in the morning

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Unhealthy foods cause health related problem

Worst breakfast foods: Avoid consumption of unhealthy food

You have to consume healthy food always for better health. But nowadays people have started consuming junk foods or oily foods instead of healthy food. These foods promote the growth of bacteria and germs in your body. To keep the body healthy and energetic, you should eat healthy things in your breakfast. But many people ignore this and consume some unhygienic things, due to which their health is affected and this also increases the risk of infection. There are also some people who are not aware that they are consuming unhealthy food in the morning. So, to be healthy, must be aware of these foods which are unhealthy. (Also read: What to eat in the breakfast that you do not feel hungry till lunch)

Worst Foods: Which foods should not be consumed in the morning.

  • Pre-mixed oatmeal
  • Pancake and waffles
  • Pastry
  • Packed Smoothies
  • Low-fat yoghurt and fruit
  1. Pre-mixed oatmeal

    Worst breakfast food: Never eat pre-packed ota meal.

    Sugar is very high in pre-mixed oatmeal, so it should not be consumed at all in the breakfast. Apart from this, fibres are in small quantities, due to which your stomach does not fill and you get hungry. (Also read: Health benefits of eating an oatmeal in breakfast)

  2. Pancake and waffles
    Pancakes and waffles should not be consumed in breakfast as they contain refined flour and pancake syrup, in which the amount of fructose corn syrup is high. High-fructose increases the risk of diabetes.
  3. Pastry
    The amount of fibre and protein in the pastries is low and calories and sugar are high in quantity. The consumption of pastry in the morning may increase your weight and increases your appetite.
  4. Packed smoothies
    Packed smoothes have fat milk which enhances many health-related problems. Apart from this, it also increases your weight and also increases fat in the body.
  5. Low-fat yoghurt and fruit
    If you consume low-fat yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, you get hungry very soon because they contain a low amount of fibres and do not provide enough energy to you.

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It is mandatory to consume nutritious food to stay healthy requires eating healthy for breakfast. But many people consume unhealthy foods which affect their health. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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