World Environment Day 2018: Easy ways to take care of the environment

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World Environment Day 2018

World Environment Day: You should adopt some habits to protect environment.

Nowadays environment degradation is one of the major concerns. There are many causes of environmental degradation like increasing level of pollution, increasing the level of oceans, plastic materials are all over and emitting industrial gases into the environment. It is mandatory to keep the environment keep clean, otherwise, it may affect your health. Not a single person is responsible for the degradation of the environment but somehow everyone is responsible. Moreover, it is our duty to keep the environment clean. We can adopt some habits, which helps to keep the environment clean and promote a healthy lifestyle. The clean environment always keeps you fresh and protects you from many health problems. (Also read: World Environment Day 2018: Daily habits that are harming the environment constantly)

World Environment Day: How to keep the environment clean

  • Save water
  • Save power
  • Recycling
  • Plant more trees
  • Print only when you need it
  1. Save water

    World Environment Day: Save water to keep the environment clean

    Water is life and therefore we should use water very carefully and do not waste the water. The water is used in many ways other than cooking and bathing. Never waste the water and use it with proper care. It will be a good step to keep the environment clean.

  2. Save Power
    Saving power is one of the most important steps to protect the environment. The most of power is produced from thermal power plants. These power plants burn either fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, or nuclear fuel in order to heat water and produce steam. The steam spin turbine to produce electricity. But the burning of fuels, produce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  3. Recycle
    Recycling means re-use of things, we have used by put into other useful functions. These days majority of things can be recycled be it paper, plastics or clothes. This will reduce the number of waste materials and reduce the pollution caused by waste material.
  4. Plant more trees
    World Environment Day: Plant more trees to keep the environment clean.

    By planting more trees you can make more environment clean. The plants take carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This prevents the atmosphere from being polluted. You will get fresh air to breathe and which keeps you healthy.

  5. Print only when needed
    Be sure to think about your environment before printing, because the more paper you waste, the more trees will be cut. Paper is made from trees. To save trees print less when it is mandatory.

To keep the environment clean, you need to take care of many things so that the environment is not polluted. You can also read this article in Hindi. 

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