World Environment Day 2018: Daily habits that are harming the environment constantly

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Daily habits that are harming the environment constantly

World Environment Day 2018: Our daily habits and actions are harming the Earth and the environmental miserably.

World Environment Day: Like we need fresh air, clean water and reliable shelter to survive, we also need to have a healthy environment to sustain life. An environment is not only the need of today but of the generations following us. However, our daily habits are killing the environment in the worst possible ways. Mankind has become so selfish that it has been harming the environment and making it miserable day by day. All our actions and activities affect the environment directly. Instead of joining hands to eradicate the problem of environmental pollution, we are contributing to make the environment even worse. Let’s find out how our daily habits harm the environment pathetically. (Also read:World Environment Day 2018: Easy ways to take care of the environment)

World Environment Day: Human activities that are killing the environment drastically

  • Overusage of electricity
  • Cutting of trees
  • Wasting water
  • Owning personal vehicles
  • Usage of plastic

Overusage of electricity
We all need electricity in order to carry out our day-to-day activities. We all are blessed to have an access to electricity. However, if we use it in excess and waste it, we will be the ones who will suffer. Most of us have this habit of leaving the switchboards on while nothing is charging or operating, this is one way by which we waste electric supply. We even use tube lights in the daytime even if it is not required. We must think about those who are who do not have an access to electric supply and live in the dark. Besides this, our upcoming generation will also suffer from this selfish nature we all possess.

Cutting of trees
These days, construction is the new business. ALl the trees and farms have been cleared at a vast pace, to make space for the big buildings. This is not just leading to lack of greenery but also making the environment full of dust due to excess construction. (Also read: Why do we need to save water)

Wasting water

Daily habits that are harming the environment constantly
World Environment 2018: It is necessary to save water in order to get healthy environment.

We all love to wash our cars in the morning. Not just this, leaving the taps running, wasting water to clean the house, washing clothes etc. are some of our daily habits. We must not forget that there are still some parts of the world who are not accessed by water on daily basis. We must mend our ways and try not to waste water.

Owning personal vehicles
There is no harm in owning a personal vehicle but do we consider the harm we are doing to the environment? We all want to ride privately to our office or college. This is drastically contributing to make the environment full of pollution. The smoke which gets emitted in the environment is unhealthy for our body. We must try to use public conveyance, otherwise, the day is not far when we will not have any sober air to breathe.

Usage of plastic

Daily habits that are harming the environment
World Environment Day 2018: Excess usage of plastic bottles and plastic items kill the environment.

Our government has time and again been warning everyone to stop using plastic bags and other plastic items. However, people do not understand the urgency. These plastic bags cannot be decomposed easily and harm the environment miserably. Not just this, it harms the animals as well. Usually dogs, cows, buffaloes etc. eat these polybags which sticks to their oesophagus and is one of the most common causes of their death. Thus, one must stop using plastic bags right away. (Also read:

These are some of the most common habits that are harming the environment. It is not only the duty of the government but each and every individual to contribute their bit in saving the environment and making it pollution free. A little effort can make a big difference and can actually save the environment. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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