Why you should not put toilet paper on public toilet seat

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Why you should not put toilet paper on public toilet seat

Using public toilet becomes necessary most of the times. During an emergency, we can not constrain ourselves from using a public toilet. Public toilets are full of bacterial and fungal infections, as multiple people use the same. Usually, it is advised that using Indian style toilets are safer than using a western toilet seat. There is no direct contact of a person’s skin with the toilet seat in Indian toilets. Thus, the risk of infection is minimal.

No matter how well people are educated, still they leave the toilet dirty. It may lead to serious problems like UTI, jaundice, infection in the body, typhoid etc. While to find an easy way out, many people cover the toilet seat with toilet roll and then use the same. However, we forget that by doing so, we are making ourselves more prone to catch infections. (Also read: Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe)

Here are some of the facts why covering toilet seat with toilet paper is not safe:

Toilet paper attracts more germs: We should make a note of the fact, that toilet paper makes it easy for the germs to stick to the skin of the user. While you think you are saving yourself from germs by covering your seat with toilet paper, you are actually inviting more germs to infect you.

Toilet paper in the toilet is not safe: While you flush off after sprinkling, the germs and bacteria spread in the toilet. They cling to toilet paper, the seat, door handles and all the possible places. Using that same roll of paper to protect your skin makes you more prone to infections. (Also read: Tips to manage everything before your baby arrives)

However, there is an alternate to this, you can carry your own toilet paper roll in the toilet, to avoid any contact with already existing germs in the toilet. There are some wise places where the toilet roll is covered with a plastic covering or a plastic sheet to protect any influence of germs and bacteria. You should always wash off yourself once you are back home, to avoid any further infections. (Also read: What Are The Reasons Of Being Hungry All The Time)

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