Why You Should Not Eat Fish During Monsoon

Why You Should Not Eat Fish During Monsoon

Eating fish is a great option to provide Omega 3 and fatty acids, proteins to your body. Many of us incorporate fish into our regular diet just to increase the nutritional values to our diet. But during monsoon, it will be a wise idea to skip adding fish to your plate and replace it with other rich proteins like chicken, eggs or red meat. Hence, let us know what are the reasons which could be responsible to avoid fish during monsoon. This might help you to choose your protein content smartly.

Breeding season for fish:
Hope you know that monsoon is the breeding season for the fish. Most of the fish contain eggs inside them. These eggs are not so healthy for human beings, especially when these eggs consumed directly. It can create infection in the stomach or can do food poisoning. So, it is better to avoid eating fish during this time as you can not search fish amongst all which are not containing eggs.

Why You Should Not Eat Fish During Monsoon

Decomposition is the reason:
During monsoon, it is a common factor that the fishes will roam mostly on the muddy and sewage water. So, when the fish comes out of the water, their body mostly contains the polluted water and sewage. You can have a look to the lungs area of those fish you will definitely found dirt and muddy water. So it might lead to decomposition to the fish body. This is a very common reason that you should not eat fish while it’s monsoon.

Do you have any idea that most of the fishes are stored and packed during monsoons? Storing fish more than 10 days in the frozen form will make them stale. And as I have already mentioned that these are the time the decomposition happens because of polluted and sewage water. So, storing those decomposed fish won’t be good for the health.

Adding preservatives:
During monsoon, just to increase the longevity many fish are preserved and sprayed with various harmful components. Hence, the freshness gets vanished and fish have kept again in frozen forms. That is why consuming fish during monsoon is not a good idea overall.

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