Why you should not consume these drinks on an empty stomach

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do not consume these drinks on empty stomach

People start their morning by eating something on an empty stomach. Whatever you eat in the morning has an impact on the body throughout the day. That’s why you should eat nutritious food in the morning. Drinking some beverages on an empty stomach can be a great loss for your health. Because they negatively affect your digestive system. In the morning, many people like to have some drinks, So let us know which beverages you should not drink on an empty stomach at all.

Sugar-rich drink

People believe that starting the day with juice, will be full of health and energy but the fruit contains natural fructose. The juice has a bad effect on your liver and if you add sugar to it then it becomes even more harmful for your health. So avoid drinking juice on an empty stomach.

Packed drinks

These drinks are very harmful to your health. If you drink them on an empty stomach, then the carbonated acids present in them get mixed with your stomach acids and it can cause problems like dizziness and gas. So avoid drinking this on an empty stomach.


By consuming alcohol or alcoholic substances on an empty stomach, it directly affects your bloodstream. This spreads quickly throughout the body due to the spread of blood arteries. This slows down pulse rate and blood pressure for some time. That is why the person quickly loses consciousness by consuming alcohol on an empty stomach. Consumption of alcohol on an empty stomach is harmful.

Cold drinks

Many times we hear that hot water and honey should be consumed in the morning. But some people start the day by drinking ice tea or cold coffee instead. Doing this can be detrimental to your health. This damages your mucous membrane and also slows down your digestive system so avoid cold drinks on an empty stomach.


A lot of people are used to consume coffee on an empty stomach. This is the easiest way to feel refresh but the consumption of empty coffee on the stomach can cause gas. It stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract, thereby causing gastric risk.

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