Why you should never use a pillow while sleeping

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benefits of sleeping without pillow

Many people use a pillow to sleep at night. The pillow is not only useful for the posture of your spine and head, people also find it comforting to sleep with a pillow. Many people have a habit of sleeping with the pillow, therefore they find it hard to sleep without using one. However, do you know that it is actually better to sleep without using a pillow? When you ditch the pillow while sleeping you can avoid the problems like bad sleeping posture, neck pain or spine pain. So, let’s find out what are the benefits of sleeping without a pillow! (Also read: How insomnia affects your body in various ways)

Health of your spine
When you sleep without using a pillow, your spine regains its natural state of sleeping. A high pillow affects the health of your spine in a negative manner. So, you constantly complain of back pain, maybe you should reconsider using a pillow at the night.

Health of your neck
Sometimes you wake up from the night’s sleep to a painful neck and shoulder. The cause of it can be your pillow. When you sleep without a pillow the blood circulation is best in case of your nerves in neck and shoulders. Thus, you avoid the pain.

No wrinkles
When you sleep using a pillow, many people have this habit of putting their pillow on their face. Which affects the skin of your face, leading to wrinkles. When you avoid the pillow, you can simply avoid the unwanted wrinkles. (Also read: What are the food items that help you to fall asleep)

Helps to rebuild the cells.
When you sleep at night your cells create more protein as they try to rebuild the cells. Your cells suffer the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun and the stress. When you don’t use a pillow to sleep, your body stays in the natural state and it helps to rebuild the cells around your neck properly.

Keeps your mental health well
When you sleep without a pillow you rest a hassle-free state. This doesn’t ruin your sleep. A healthy sleep prevents the brain from stress, depression or other mental problems. It keeps you mentally and physically fit. (Also read: What are the worst sleeping position to sleep in)

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