Why should you never eat and walk at the same time

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Why you should never eat and walk at the same time

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Many people have a habit of walking and talking while they are eating. It is a really bad habit. When you roam around while eating you are unable to pay attention to your food or eat properly. This habit also leads to various health-related problems. Your eating habits have a direct impact on your health. Therefore it is important to know how eating while walking impacts your health! (Also read: What are the amazing health benefits of eating jaggery every day)

Why should you never eat and walk at the same time?
When you eat when you are walking then you are unable to eat the food properly. You also face difficulties in digesting the food. This leads to boating and other stomach related issues. It affects your health in a bad way.

When you eat your food passes through the food pipe which is also known as the oesophagus. When you eat when you are walking around, the muscles of food pipe don’t work properly. This leads to the production of Hydrochloric acid. As a result, it leads to the problem of acidity.  (Also read: Why you should always cook at home instead of eating out)

The feeling of nausea
When you always feel nauseated, it might be due to the fact that you keep eating when you are walking. Whenever we eat, the food is used to obtain energy and nourishment. When you sit and eat properly your stomach stays stable, as a result, you have a healthy digestion. However, when you walk around while eating you don’t give your stomach the stability to digest the food. Especially when you are drinking something like a smoothie or a shake.

Unable to digest properly
When you are eating while walking around you are unable to digest the food properly. This leads to an inability to gain proper nutrition and nourishment from the food. So, it is important to sit down when you are eating.

Too much eating
When you walk while eating you don’t get the satiety value from the food. It makes you feel hungry even when you are full.  (Also read: Which personal items you should never share with anyone)

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