Why you should never drink with a straw

why you should never drink with straw

Sipping drinks with straw is quite trendy. People love to enjoy cold drinks and cold coffee with straw but it has many bad effects. Enjoying drinks with straw cause many problems related to your beauty and health. (Also read: What Are The Important Tips To Get Rid Of Constipation Easily)

Let’s know bad effects of using straws:

It causes wrinkles

People are very concerned about there beauty and they take every precautionary measure to get flaws less skin. The majority of people are unaware that using straws may give them wrinkles. The little sucking motion may cause the development of fine lines around your lips. If you are concerned about your beauty avoid the usage of straw.

Gastric problem

No doubt siping any drinks with straw makes it more enjoyable. The fact is that it may cause gastric problems. When you drink with a straw, makes you swallow air. The swallowing of air can cause stomach bloating, digestion issues and uncomfortable abdominal cramping. If you do not want the gastric problems then going straw free is the best solution. (Also read: Some important things your hands say about your health)

Make you fart

When you drink with a straw, you also swallow some amount of air with it. It causes excess gas in the stomach. The excess gas in the stomach makes you fart more often.

Tooth cavities

The majority of people believe that the siping drinks with straw reduce the tooth decay and staining. The fact is that it works only when you place straw back of your tongue and let the drink go straight into the throat. Otherwise, drinking with straw cause breakdown of enamel as it blasts teeth with staining liquids and chemicals. The breakdown of enamel cause cavities.

Staining on teeth

Many people believe that in order to keep the teeth white and shiny, you should drink with a straw. But by using the straw you consume more than the usual quantity of drink.Therefore, if we drink a drink from the straw, it comes in contact with our teeth directly, it causes stains on the teeth. Therefore drinking anything from a straw can be harmful to health. (Also read: What are the various food products that help to keep diabetes under control)

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