Why you should always chew your food properly

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Why you should always chew your food properly

To stay healthy and fit our body needs a lot of things besides the nutrition and nourishment. We obtain the nutrients from consuming food. These nutrients provide us with the energy to work and to fulfil the requirements of living a healthy and happy life. However, often people fall sick despite taking good care of their diet and the health. There are many possible reasons for it. One of the reasons is that your body is not using the nutrition. When you don’t eat your food properly or you don’t chew your food properly it leads to various health issues. Chewing your food properly is really important for your health. Let’s find out why you should chew your food properly.  (Also read: What are the food items that help you to fall asleep)

Improves your oral hygiene
When you think about eating, the first thing that comes to mind is taste. However, people forget that when you chew your food, it impacts your oral hygiene as well. When you chew thoroughly then saliva gets involved with the food. That saliva helps to remove the harmful bacteria from your mouth and protects your teeth from plaque.

Helps with digestion
Why you should always chew your food properly

When you chew your food properly, the taste buds on our tongue signals the brain about the presence of the food. The brain sends the signals to the stomach. As a result, the stomach releases chemicals and enzymes for digestion. This helps in digestion and proper absorption of nutrients.

Kills the harmful bacteria 
When you chew your food properly, it leads to the development of saliva. This saliva mixes well with the food and kills the harmful bacteria present in food. So your body is shielded from the harmful bacteria that come along with your food.  (Also read: What are the different body odours you must never ignore)

Prevents the weight gain
The habit of chewing the food properly. According to a study when you chew properly and eat slowly you gain 0.7 kg on an average. However, when you do not chew well and eat fast then you gain 1.9 kg on an average.

Prevents metabolic syndrome 
People who have a habit of eating in a hurry have 35 percent more chance of catching the problem of metabolic syndrome according to a study. The metabolic syndrome is a health problem that leads to heart stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. People who chew well tend to avoid this problem.  (Also read: How insomnia affects your body in various ways)

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