Why staying naked is actually good for your health

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Why staying naked is actually good for your health

Clothes have an impact on the person’s personality. Some people like to make a style statement using their clothes. However, what if you are asked to imagine a world sans clothes. It might sound strange and amusing but staying nude does wonders for health. Many people follow this way of living and they are called the nudists. Also, many countries in the world offer the concept of nude beaches. It is important to understand that it has nothing to do with sexual or sensual stuff, it is more about your health. For example, many people discard their clothes when they are at home while others like to sleep naked. This is because staying naked it is a natural state for the body so body responds in a positive way when it is left in its natural state. (Also read: Five Health benefits of sleeping naked)

It burns the fat
Our body contains good fat cell and Brown adipose tissue. These are located near shoulder blade and neck. When you don’t envelope your body with clothes, that part turns cold. As a result, it leads to the growth of Brown adipose tissue that destroys the bad fat cells.

Rejuvenation of skin
Your skin contains sweat pores for sweat release. When you load up on clothes you take away the space to breathe for your skin. Tight and skin-hugging clothes your skin feel stifled and can’t secrete toxins. Staying naked gives your skin space and freedom.  (Also read: Four important things one should do every day to maintain personal hygiene)

No pressure marks on the skin
When you wear tight clothes, they usually contain plastic straps. Especially your inner wears. As a result, it leads to pressure marks or red marks on your skin.

Builds your immune system
When you stay sans clothes you come in direct contact with the sunlight. It increases the level of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D helps to maintain the immune system. For this, you can soak up the sunlight early in the morning.

It promotes positive body image
Most of us suffer from negative body image problems. When you start accepting your own nude state then you start accepting your body image. It promotes a healthy and positive body image.  (Also read:  Why the use of excessive hand sanitizer actually bad for health)

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