Why sleeping on left side of the body is beneficial

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Why sleeping on left side of the body is beneficial

Our body needs sound sleep to keep us physically fit and mentally strong. Surprisingly, the position of your body determines the benefits that sleeping provides to the body. The position of the body matters a lot when it comes to being healthy. However, it is believed that sleeping on the left side of the body makes you more healthy. This is in reference to the Ayurveda theory of sleeping. Positioning our body to the left side bless the body with immense benefits internally as well as externally. There are certain restrictions for people who have heart disease and some injury on the left side. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping on the left side. (Also read: Myths about unhealthy food and nutrition that needs to be broken)

Listed below are the benefits of sleeping on the left:

Good for the heart: It is advisable to sleep on the left side of your body to improve the circulation of blood. It helps to eliminate the pressure from the heart, as it helps the artery and the lymph simultaneously. However, there are no scientific instances that prove sleeping on the left is good for heart or not.

Improves digestion: The process of digestion improves while you sleep on the left side of the body due to the law of gravity. It helps the waste food product reach the colon from the large intestines. Though stomach is already on the left side of the body. It helps the digestive enzymes and pancreatic enzymes. (Also read: Signs suggesting failure of kidney)

Helps to provide relief from back pain: Sleeping on the left side of the body helps to provide immediate relief from the back pain. It helps to elevate pressure from the spine and thus make you feel comfortable. It even helps you to attain better sleep at night.

Reduces heartburn: There is a rapid reduction in the acid reflex while you sleep on the left side. The stomach is on the left side of the body. However, sleeping on the contrary position(right side) will inculcate the production of acid more. So try to sleep on the left side of the body to reduce the risk of heart burn.

Good for pregnant women: Sleeping on the left side helps in the better circulation of blood. This goes for pregnant women too. It helps to remove the stress from the back and even helps the better flow of blood to the uterus and fetus. Therefore, doctors recommend pregnant ladies to sleep on the left side. (Also read: Your face reveals all about your health problems)

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