Why Should You Never Sleep Immediately After A Meal

Why Should You Never Sleep Immediately After A Meal

Almost everyone feels a bit lazy after having a meal. You tend to feel sleepy after eating and this happens especially during lunch and dinner time. When you feel sleepy after your meal, you just jump into your bed and sleep. However, are you treating your meal right? Or, is your body benefiting with the meal you eat? Maybe no, because, right after eating a meal you should not hit the bed. It is extremely wrong to sleep right after your meal as it may lead to various health risks. Thus, go through this article thoroughly and find why should you never sleep immediately after a meal. [Also Read: How to know that our body is absorbing sufficient minerals and vitamins]


Hitting the bed right after a meal may tense your digestion process. The food doesn’t get digested properly thereby, producing an excess of stomach acid. The excess acid produced from the stomach may go to your chest causing heartburn up to your throat. You may also get burping which hinders your sleep.

Weight Gain:

You need to burn more calories than you intake, however, if you sleep right after your meal, you did not burn the calories you took. However, you added on to your weight gain by storing the fats in your body. Thus, you should never sleep right after a meal as it leads to tremendous weight gain.


Sleeping just after eating increases the acid level in the stomach. Hence, you may suffer from acidity and may not get a good sleep. [Also Read: Why Should You Never Skip Your Breakfast]


When you sleep right after a meal, your digestive system has to work extra hard to let the food digested. However, the same can also increase your blood pressure and blood sugar levels which may trigger a heart stroke.

Therefore, it is advisable to not sleep after your meal. Take a walk after eating to digest the food properly and stay healthy. [Also Read: What Are The Foods One Should Avoid]

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