Why Should You Never Hold A Fart

Why Should You Never Hold A Fart

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Fart or flatulence is the passing of gas through the colon in the human body. We all fart because the gases accumulate in our system. They gather due to the overgrowth of bacteria or carbohydrates that are not digested properly. The air we breathe is also one of the cause. Hence, with a fart, the excess of gas comes out of the body. The fart contains hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and sulphur which sometimes makes the fart smelly. Farting is important to keep the digestive system healthy, however, there are some people who feel extremely embarrassed to fart. Thus, below mentioned are some reasons as to why you should never hold a fart. [Also Read: Foods You Must Avoid If You Have Digestive Problem]

It Puts Pressure On Lower Intestine:

Holding a fart for long or every time puts pressure on your lower intestine. Hence, you may feel uncomfortable and slight pain in your lower abdomen. Thus, to not increase the pressure and let the organ function smoothly, you should not hold your fart and let it come out.

You Get Bloating Issues:

Whenever you hold a fart, the gases are reabsorbed in the body. Farting resembles that the body needs to remove the gas and if you do not allow the same they remain in the body making you feel bloated, restless and with discomfort.[Also Read: What Are The Ways You Are Damaging Your Ears Unknowingly]

It Can Upset Your Stomach:

You may feel uncomfortable as your stomach gets upset if gases are not released from the intestine. You may also get stinkier farts as the gases start to rot making the embarrassing situation for you.

Bad For Your Colon Health:

Holding farts can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Flatulence is a natural and important process involving the removal of waste products from the body. Therefore, if you hinder the process, it turns bad for your health.

You Feel Uncomfortable:

Your stomach may rumble and you may feel pain and discomfort. Thus, do not hold the fart to stay healthy and gas free! [Also Read: How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health]

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