Why should you never fall asleep right after dinner

Why should you never fall asleep right after dinner

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Nowadays everyone is in a hurry, especially in the morning. As a result, most of the people skip breakfast. The only time people have to eat up to their heart’s desire is night time. After a heavy dinner full of fats and carbs who would not wish to sleep at the earliest. This is the most common habit in most of the working people today. However, this habits is very dangerous for your own health. When people fall asleep immediately after dinner it actually disrupts the process of digestion. Not only this sleeping right after dinner leads to many health issues as well. Let’s find out what are they. (Also read: Five Health benefits of sleeping naked)

Right after the dinner, your digestive system gets busy in preparing for digestion. In this process the body produces acid. If you go to sleep right after dinner, this acid can cause heartburn and other health problems

Affects the sleeping cycle
When you sleep on a full stomach then your body is working to digest the food consumed. As a result, the body is not completely at peace. This affects the quality of sleep at night. This causes trouble in sleep and destroys the general wellness of the body. (Also read: Why do you feel thirsty all the time)

Rise in sugar
This is specifically related to the patients of diabetes. When someone with diabetes falls asleep without any single physical activity it leads to change in sugar levels. This rise in sugar levels is very dangerous for the diabetic person.

Trouble in digestion
When you fall asleep right after dinner even then your body is working to digest the body. However, after sleeping the process of digestion becomes tougher to manage. When we lie down there is no help of gravity in the process of digestion that makes the process of digestion harder.

Stroke risk
The entire process of digestion is disturbed when you go to sleep right after the dinner. This disturbance can also lead to stroke and other heart problems. (Also read: What happens to your body when you quit alcohol)

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