Why Should You Never Drink Water After A Meal

Why Should You Never Drink Water After A Meal

Drinking water after a meal gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Once you are over with your meal the immediate thing you do is grabbing a glass of water to make yourself fuller. However, the same practice os dangerous for your health. Ayurveda too has in the record the disadvantages of drinking water right after a meal. Some people also drink water within meals as they feel thirsty but this habit is wrong too. In this article, we have mentioned about the consequences you may go through by drinking water after your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hence, take a quick read and know why you should never drink water after a meal.

Why To Not Drink Water After A Meal:

The food we eat goes through the oesophagus to the stomach and then to colon before excretion. The same is a long process as the food takes time to digest. If you drink water right after your meal, the same will add coolant affect to your food and weakens your digestive strength. Drinking water right after meal disrupts the digestion process. You tend to dilute what you have eaten making the digestion faster. Also, there are chances that you may catch obesity if you drink water regularly after eating. The reason being, with the fast digestion, you may tend to eat more.

Consequences Of Drinking Water After Meal:

Acid Reflux:

The intake of water after meal dilute the gastric juices essential enzymes required for healthy digestion. Thus, leading to acid reflux.

Heart Burn:

Excessive intake of water after a meal, especially cold water can also cause heartburn due to improper digestion of food.

Accumulate Toxic Waste:

Drinking cold water after your breakfast, lunch or dinner can make the digestive enzymes inactive which leads to the accumulation of toxic wastes in the body.

Thus, it is recommended to at least have a gap of  30 minutes after a meal to have water. Avoid intake of cold water and chose for water kept at room temperature. Make it a habit to avoid serious health issues.

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