Why should you always avoid using an electric heater at home

Why should you always avoid electric heater

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With the arrival of winter, everyone rushes to find warmth and comfort. Some people like to envelop themselves in a warm blanket, while other like to sip hot chocolate. However, there are some people who prefer to sit in front an electric heater. Even though it sounds wonderful, it might not be the best choice for your health. Electric heater has gained a space in every household with its ability to heat the room instantly. Due to its amazing impact, people often forget that it has a harmful effect on the body. Let’s find out what is the impact of an electric heater on your health? (Also read: What are the unhealthy habits you should avoid in your 20)

It decreases the natural moisture in the room
The biggest flaw of the electric heater is that it sucks up the moisture present in the air. As a result, the air turns dry which has a bad impact on your skin. It leads to the problem of dry and rough skin. This is really bad for infants as they have extremely sensitive skin. Dry skin leads to itchiness and irritation.

Increase in pollutants due to unvented heaters.
Electric heaters are two types in general, vent-free and unvented electrical heaters. The vent -free ones are the one that requires a chimney to facilitate the ventilation. However, they are really expensive. So, most people just pick the unvented electrical heaters. Unvented electrical heaters have no space for the release of pollutants other than the room itself. So, the harmful gases like carbon monoxide are trapped in the room itself. (Also read: How packaged food is actually ruining your health)

One should never keep the heater in the house of children. Small kids are more prone to burn and injuries caused due to the heater. Heaters generally heat up to an extreme point and can cause tremendous injuries.

Harms the body temperature
Your body’s temperature slowly gets accustomed to the room temperature in presence of the heater. So, when you step out of the room you suffer a tremendous change in temperature which is very harmful to your body.  (Also read:  Why the use of excessive hand sanitizer actually bad for health)

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