Why should one stay hydrated and drink more water while at work

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Why should one stay hydrated and drink more water while at work

Many of us are into 9-5 jobs and are spending most of the time in our offices. Thus, we often tend to ignore our health. Primarily what we ignore is drinking sufficient amount of water. If we sit for long hours at a particular place, we usually minimise our water intake as we don’t feel quite thirsty. It is usually the work pressure and lack of movement that makes us skip our essential dosage of water daily. Eventually, our body becomes dehydrated. Besides this, we consume too much coffee and tea during our working hours to skip the stress and gain energy. However, in between all these, we forget to sip the necessary amount of water throughout the day. (Also read: Why and how often one should change a shaving razor)

How dehydration affects our body?
Dehydration does not always give loud and clear symptoms. It is a silent killer that slowly starts harming our body. While we do not drink enough water but consume tea and coffee, we are harming ourselves in a way. While we drink tea or coffee in excess, the frequency of urination also increases due to the diuretic effects. This eventually leads to lack of fluids in the body and make us dehydrated. Dehydration leads to make us feel nauseated, sleepy, pain in the joints, dry eyes, dryness on the skin, no urination, heavy breathing, poor digestion and a lot many silent signs. Thus, in order to get rid of all these common problems, we must drink an adequate amount of water. A normal human being should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Deficiency of proper fluids in the body leads to the problem of accumulated toxins in the body and we often feel tired.

How does dehydration affect your productivity at work?
While our body is dehydrated we often tend to feel tired and sick. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. It makes us lose the concentration and focus on our work. We eventually feel physically and mentally tired all the time. Thus, we should drink an adequate amount of water while we are at work. Whenever we feel a slight pain in our head, instead of grabbing a cup of tea, we should grab a glass of water and take a walk. These are the signs of lack of fluids in the body which suggests that we need to drink more water. (Also read: What are the various side effects of using an antibacterial soap on the skin)

How can we drink more water at work?

Set a reminder: You should always set a reminder which helps you to remember that you need to drink water. Try to at least drink 2.5 litres of water while you are at work.

Carry your water bottle: If you are too lazy to get up and grab a glass of water, always carry your water bottle along with you. Fill it frequently to make sure you stay well hydrated at work.

Consume water-contained foods: Eat more fruits like melon, orange, muskmelon etc. to stay hydrated. Trying cutting your junk food intake and eat healthy. Include more green leafy vegetables and salad in your diet.

Give up tea and coffee: Try to ignore the consumption of tea and coffee as much as possible. Instead, drink a glass of water. If you want you can also drink a glass of juice without any added sugar. (Also read: What are the probable side effects of consuming fewer calories)

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