Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food

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Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food

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Aluminium foil is a go-to option for all of us while we want to pack or wrap our food. Though it keeps the food safe and avoids it from staling, it has got many side effects. The wrapping of food in aluminium foil turns our food into poison. The food wrapped in aluminium foil is found to be very high in aluminium content which is not healthy for the body. It impacts our physical and mental well being. It causes many problems like affecting the proper function of the brain, bone impairment where bones become soft and cause anaemia in the body. In fact, food cooked in aluminium foils have a higher aluminium concentration in them. (Also read: How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health)

It contains dibutyl, butyl benzyl, Ethylhexyl phthalate etc. which are some of the most hazardous chemicals that adversely affect the body. These chemicals lay a very harmful effect on the reproductive system, kidney, liver and even on the mind.

Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food?

Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food
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It causes neurological impairment: Use of aluminium foil to wrap our meals lay a negative effect on our brain. It leads to Alzheimer and even autism spectrum in children. Use of aluminium foil even leads to change in the behavioural pattern in children. It damages the tissues of the brain and also disrupts the normal functioning of the brain as well.

It affects the respiratory system: Use of aluminium foil leads into making the lung tissues thick and stiff at the same time, It can lead to a respiratory arrest in the body which can be dreadful. Aluminium foil even leads to excess coughing, phlegm and serious lungs problem. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body)

It causes cardiovascular problems: Excess use of aluminium foil for cooking or wrapping food leads to cardiac hypertrophy. It even leads to the decline of red blood cells in the body which impacts our entire body functioning. Thus, causing anaemia in the body. It ultimately also leads to the problem of liver failure. Besides this, too much exposure to aluminium foil leads to a decline in male sperm count.

Besides this, we already intake certain food products that have chemicals like citrate. Thus, when they mingle up with aluminium then the brain and the body. The water we drink contains fluoride which also makes the accumulation of aluminium in the bone much more efficient.

One should make a wise use of aluminium foil and avoid using it wherever possible. It increases the aluminium content in the body. So, avoid cooking food in aluminium foil. It is not hazardous to health, but using it in moderation is what we should aim at. (Also read: What are the foods one should eat to prevent stretch marks)

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