Why It Becomes Necessary To Wash Towel After Using It Twice

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Why It Becomes Necessary To Wash Towel After Using It Twice

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You have all those bright and soothing colours towel you use after a bath. But do you take necessary precautions to keep the towel you use clean and fresh? Your towel comes in direct contact with your body immediately after you have taken a bath i.e. when you are all clean and germ-free. Therefore, using the same towel repeatedly can be harmful to you. Towels are the most neglected fabric when it comes to washing. Thus, know the reasons as to why it becomes necessary to wash towels after using it at the max twice.

You’ll Smell Stale:

Using the same towel repeatedly without washing gives a musty smell. Keeping the wet towel gives a moist-kind smell and not washing it regularly will make your body smell like that too. Hence, you won’t feel fresh besides smelling musty.

You Get Prone To Bacteria:

The used towels put the dirt back to your skin hence, you become prone to bacteria. There are kinds of bacteria which thrive on towels of which your body isn’t used too hence, giving ill effects to your skin. Keeping unwashed towels in contact to other clothes also spread this bacteria.

You May Get Allergies:

The unwashed towels can get mold which can give allergic reactions to your skin. Your skin may get redden or you may feel itchy when using the unwashed towel repeatedly.

You Breed On Dead Skin Cells:

When you wipe your body with a towel you exfoliate your skin by shedding dead skin cells onto it. Thus, repeating the same towel can get those dead cells back to your skin making you unhealthy.

Therefore, if it is not possible to wash towels regularly, make it a point to wash it after every twice uses. By this, you’ll keep your skin and the surrounding healthy. Follow this in routine and feel fresher.

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