Why Indian toilets are better than the western toilets

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Why Indian toilets are more

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Indians are highly influenced by Western culture since a long time. We have been adopting their lifestyle in such a way, that we are losing the value and importance of our own traditions. The basic of which is using western toilets and stop using Indian ones. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes we have made. If we consider the comfort, then western toilets have an upper hand. But Indian toilets are more hygienic and keep our body fit and healthy. We usually hesitate to talk about the preferable choice of the toilet seat. There has been a constant debate going on about which toilet is better- ‘Indian style or Western style?’ Thus, there are few scientific reasons which suggest that Indian toilets are better than the western. (Also read: Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe)

Why are Indian toilets better than the Western toilets?

Why Indian toilets are better than the western toilets
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Indian toilets are more hygienic: It may be surprising for all of you, but Indian toilets are more hygienic than the western ones. Thus, it is always preferable to go for Indian toilets in a public place. There is no direct contact of your body with the toilet seat in Indian toilets. Thus, the risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is less. However, in Western toilets, our skin is in constant touch with the toilet seat. Also, people who use western toilet prefer paper toilet rolls to wipe themselves clean. On the other hand, in Indian toilets, water is the basic wiping factor. Thus, Indian toilets are more hygienic and clean.

Indian toilets keep the body fit:
Why Indian toilets are better than the western toilets
Using Indian toilets is a kind of exercise. It is a kind of squat exercise that we are doing. Sitting in such position strengthens our legs and also brings them in motion. Indian toilets lead to better blood circulation in the body. Thus, without hitting any gym, we are can daily perform the physical exercise. Unlike Western toilets, which only initiate sitting on a toilet chair and making no movement. (Also read: Why you should not put toilet paper on public toilet seat)

Indian toilets help in better digestion: Using Indian toilets aids the process of digestion. Sitting in a squat position helps to digest the food properly.  It even lays pressure on the bowel movement so that the waste goes out properly. On the other hand, in Western toilets, there is no pressure on the lower body which could encourage bowel movement.

Indian toilets prevent constipation: The positioning of our body in Indian toilets helps to excrete the waste from the body completely. It lays a good amount of pressure and thus the colon in our body becomes clear. According to the experiments and research done by the doctors, they found an interesting fact. They found that the risk of stomach related problems is higher in western toilets than in Indian ones. It also, however, goes against the study of human anatomy which talks about the various tissues and muscle movement.
Thus by using the Indian toilets, the problem of constipation and other stomach related problems can be prevented. (Also read: Amazing health benefits of sitting on floor and eating)

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